The Sims 2 Sampler

The possibility of creating a whole new world with all that you want.

By Kim Kiruma

On Monday, January 11, 2016


Are you tired of having a life in dreams? Its time to try and build a perfect life virtually without having to worry about a thing as all that is in your mind you will be able to exercise it. The game is quite interesting as the game starts with you creating a character that will be your main game player. This character you served with the task of creating a whole new world for the character. You tasked with even coming up with a menu and even building houses . This game is a mind simulation for all your wild ideas of what you would have wanted in your world. This game is so diverse that the player is even able to create a circle of friends for the character. The Sims you have created are fully at your disposal and all major and minor decisions for their existence are all in your control. To enhance the fun you can e able to play with an on-line friend by splitting screen and make the best life for your Sims.


  • The game supports online play
  • The game has a two player mode


  • The game can lead to game addiction.