Ship Simulator Extremes

A Great 3D Ship Simulation Game I have Ever Played

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I tried the previous version of this game and I really enjoyed playing it. So the next thing that I did was purchase the next version and that is Ship Simulator Extremes. Well, the graphics of the game are great, and it is very realistic. The ship and engine sounds, and visuals are all good! The sea dynamics are much better than its previous version. In addition, the game itself also gives you several types of sea craft that you can use for your boats. The good thing that I like here is that I can also dictate what type of wind speed I want before I start playing the game. Moreover, one of the exciting parts that I like about this is that you will have the opportunity to set sail in some famous places, like Antarctic and Bora Bora. All in all, this game is very fun and enjoyable to play and it is the game which you will be able to spend hours of playing.


  • Improved sea graphics and effects
  • Loads of new missions and actions


  • Lack of changes from the past version