Cars: Fast as Lightning 1.0.1

CARS: FAST AS LIGHTNING 1.0.1 is agame which is free for download

By Finch-McAce Hans

On Monday, October 19, 2015


This is game for free download on devices using windows android or ios. The animation of the cars is not that bad it is better and the good part of the game is the racing part because it is the most exciting part of the game.

In this game you have the ability to unlock new cars therefore having n advantage to defeat your rivals in the race. In addition to the abilities you can also customise your car to boost up its performance, for example the high speed of the car.

In my opinion the game also is easy to play and therefore it is a good game for kids to play


Variety of cars to drive

The game is designed for kids

The game is user friendly

The graphics of the game are in form of 3D


It is a fun and easy game to play and is suitable for kids

the graphics of this game make the game more interesting


  • it has the good graphics
  • it is a fun game to play


  • it is an addictive game to play
Ease to access guides and manuals: