Among The Sleep

Among the sleep: Hug your talking teddy when you are frightened!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Wednesday, October 8, 2014

First of all, I appreciate the effort taken by Krillbite, in molding such a newfangled piece of art from an untouched storyline. With its uniqueness in both storyline and way of presentation, Among the Sleep protrudes from the bracket of horrific indie games, saturated mostly by copycats.

Among the Sleep lets you experience fearsome nights through the sight of a two-year old toddler, for whom the surroundings are unreachably taller. I love the way the game begins, with the mysterious missing of his pal, the talking Teddy. Occurrences till he finds teddy in washing machine are somewhat the tutorial of the game. From there, you will have to go and search for your missing mama by collecting happy memories of her.

The game is blessed with impressive graphics and sound. Both play vital roles in boosting the game’s scare factor. Developer has succeeded in balancing lights, shades and reflections without giving up the nightmarish appearance. Radial blur given at edges of screen enhances the mood of the game.

Talking about the sound effects, the game does not contain too many sounds other than creaking of doors, wind and infrequent clinks etc. This minimalism is powerful enough to grow anxiety in player’s mind.

Overall, the game is able to provide hours of unparalleled fun. Thanks to PHPNuke and Paloma D. Pericet, for introducing this awesome game to me… Otherwise, I wouldn’t have tried it. Most people ignore such great games as they can’t think of games from less renowned developers. Don’t pass this game like that… If you do so, it will be a great loss to you!


  • Great graphics with very good textures
  • Behavior of child is very well presented
  • All objects are interactive in the game
  • Sound makes a nightmarish feel to the game


  • Boredom due to repetition in some levels
  • Baby doesn't touch everything for interaction