Construction Simulator 2015 Full Version

Grab a hardhat and start building like there is now tomorrow

By Ellie Teller

On Monday, April 11, 2016


Have you ever wanted to be one of those manly men that drive those huge monsters that move earth from A to B? If not, you can skip this review and follow your stupid dream. If you desire to pilot one of these juggernauts, then welcome to the perfect videogame, my friend. Construction Simulator 2015 features loads of different models created by some of the most iconic real brands out there such as MAN or STILL. You can do almost anything you can imagine related to the construction world, an every single process depicted in the game is so close to reality that you will be able to add these skills to your CV. Moreover, the game comes with a multiplayer mode in which you can start a game and play the role of the boss. This means you can hire new workers for your project and basically tell people how you want it, and where.


  • True to life mechanics and processes
  • The models are very detailed


  • You have to be into construction to like this one